David Berens "Break Point"

David Sammel "Locker Room Power" 

Frank Giampaolo "Tennis Parent's Bible" 2nd Ed.

Becky Gunn Holmes "Totally Tennis For Me" 

Mike VanZutphen "Tennis Management" 

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Joe Parent / Bill Scanlon "ZEN Tennis" 

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Stephen Edward Paper "An Army Lost"



Membership Privileges

Membership in the California Social Tennis Network is free.

Membership Responsibilities
To ensure a good time for everyone, and to make sure our Host Clubs love the California Social Tennis Network and its members, we have established a few rules and guidelines on and off the court.

1. Only rubber soled, non-marring tennis shoes are allowed on courts
2. The ethics of tennis and sportsmanship shall prevail
3. Always call lines generously. When a ball is too close to call, call it IN! Remember, if only one percent of the ball touches the line, it's in! And that goes for ALL lines, including the service boxes!
4. When you get your court assignment, move to swiftly finish your set.
5. Use the 3 match balls provided and clear all warm up balls from the court.
6. Don't fire a stray ball back to the server. Hold them up and see if the server or their partner wants them. If they decline, keep them in your pockets.
7. When your set is over, leave the balls on the court. Come back to the Captain's table and be ready for your next match.


Membership Dues
There are no membership dues.

Round Robin Drop-In Tennis Fees (at Weddington)

Rates for round robin drop-in tennis:
$15.00 per player

Round Robin Drop-In Tennis Fees (at Warner Tennis Center)

Rates for round robin drop-in tennis:
$10 per player

All charges include a can of new balls provided for every court booked.


Special Event Fees
Catered Mixers, tournaments, and other special events may require a higher fee.